I’m fine ︎ An empathy project

︎Let’s share our empathy!︎
The year of 2021 started off lonely and isolated. Although it is hard to stay upbeat while being apart from one another, remember we are doing it together. We are lonely but we are not alone. In this project, I ask people for their stories of loneliness and I will draw it. Eventually these people will receive one of the drawings from other people’s stories, so they are sharing empathy with strangers.

︎How to participate?︎

Submit here your story of a small incident that triggers loneliness. Write it in 3-4 sentences. End it with “I’m fine”.

︎Include your postal address and email address too!

⓶ I will draw your story.

⓷ One of the drawings will be posted to you.

⓸ You will receive a drawing of other people’s story and share our empathy.